Call for Evidence April 2014

Have you been affected by any of these? 

  • Poor administration by the Department for Work and Pensions (DWP)/Jobcentre Plus with regards to applications for benefits (e.g. ESA, DLA, PIP, JSA). This includes paperwork going missing, dealing with multiple ESA officers, denials that paperwork has been received, etc.
  • Medical evidence from GPs: Doctors charging for letters to ATOS; letters not containing sufficient information.
  • Tax Credits and undisclosed partners – tax credits being reduced because claimants are unable to obtain evidence from ex-partners with whom they no longer live.
  • Homelessness: the is an ongoing problem of a lack of single person/young family accommodation in Keswick and other rural places.
  • Ways to Welfare: what’s your experience of the local welfare assistance service?

 If so, get in touch with your local CAB.

(Please note: Views and opinions expressed by third parties, as guest posts or links, are not the views and opinions held by Citizens Advice, or the Bureaux involved in producing Campaigning Cumbria.  This blog is intended as an information resource to show the type of evidence we are looking for, and the sort of changes to social policy and welfare that might impact those living in Cumbria, and to allow local people and policymakers have their say. It is not intended to provide advice, guidance or information.)

One thought on “Call for Evidence April 2014”

  1. Useful meeting today with officials from DWP and Job Centre in Cumbria – able to ask lots of questions to clarify policy

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