Phone Scam in Cumbria

We have had reports of two instances in the past week of clients being cold-called by an ‘unavailable number’ indicating that they know the client is registered with the Telephone Preference Service (TPS) not to receive nuisance calls.

The recipient is then told that the free TPS only lasts for one year, that the caller already has the recipient’s bank details and that they require to take a payment of £89 for the next year’s “subscription”.

Upon being told that no bank details had ever been given for TPS, the caller became more aggressive and threatened the recipient that if they did not pay up, they would be pursued through the courts.

There was nothing the recipient could have been sued for, however it was obviously a very frightening experience leaving them very anxious.

If you’ve experienced a similar scam call, then get in touch with your local bureau.  Your evidence could be helpful in preventing future scams by raising awareness in our community.

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